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Sales & Marketing Management

We influence the Cool perception of your brand


Win and engage your guests.

In the highly competitive hospitality environment, sales and marketing in close cooperation with the operations departments, takes on the most important role in the success of a hotel or restaurant.

Our hotels are supported by a highly motivated and experienced sales and marketing team. Our team is daily researching the market, identify trends and the shortcomings in marketing and create a sales focused Cool culture within each business unit.

  • Targeted promotion and advertising with revenue performance-based goals and rewards.
  • Detailed action plan based on differentiated sales objectives by market.
  • Driving premium revenue focus, coupled with strategic planning.
  • eCommerce, digital (social media) and PR marketing.
  • Social review, reputation & crisis monitoring and management.
  • Market trends analysis.
  • Sales office management and frequent audits.
  • Professional revenue management.
  • Competition research and analysis with competitive positioning.
  • Pre-opening marketing (establishment of new or renovated hotels).
  • Hotel Food & Beverage promotion.
  • Focus on independent hotel and resort sales and marketing expertise.
  • Professional creative design team.