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Hotel Operations Planning

Exemplary hotel in operations terms


How about a perfect and Cool Hotel Operations Plan?

Either for a newly built hotel or for an existing one, together we will lay the foundation for the efficient management of all resources and stakeholders.

Together we will unveil your visions and expectations and give them life, via Cool processes.

  • Create a detailed business, project plan with specific actions and goals.
  • Research and elaboration of the industry analysis with the current trends, the state of the market and the existing competition.
  • Sales plan creation with pricing policies and yield techniques in collaboration with the sales department.
  • Detailed operations plan proposal as the ultimate guide to run the hotel, achieve your standards, manage your inventory, coordinate the staff (requirements, duties, responsibilities and working schedule) and increase your revenues.
  • Profit and loss statements in weekly or monthly basis.
  • Budget allocation consulting to make the most of your budget.

Overall, an effective operating plan is a detailed guide of what needs to be done, when, how, and by whom.

The Cool and successful hotel is the one with set standards, clear objectives and metrics along with Cool people that share the same vision and are motivated to offer long-term services.