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Cool Investment Proposals

We assist your financing needs


The global economic downturn didn’t leave the tourism industry untouched.

Having a skilled team in identifying investment opportunities, we harken to the market need of improving lodging and hotel occupancy rates with proper financial investments.

We are regularly researching for hotels and properties that need to be upgraded and repositioned. Exploiting of an extensive network of professionals in constructions and finance, we conventionally work to improve your property and increase its commercial value.

  • Market research for valuable investments.
  • Micro and macro environment analysis with key indicators.
  • Renovation and/or construction financing depending on recourse, leverage, location, etc.
  • Overall management to improve the property’s financials, increase its real value and the ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Consultancy for funding schemes and solutions.
  • Fixed annual percentage of income to the investor.

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