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About Us

Focused on providing Cool Services.


A unique approach to lodging.

The Cool Idea was born in the middle of 2016 and was established at beginning of 2017 from a team of professionals in tourism with an extensive experience, great achievements and awards.

It was the need to offer Leading Hotel Services and Opportunities that Last for both the company and the hotelier along with the lack of Cool services and working environment in return of value for money.

It is the constant aim to boost tourism as well as the provided services all over Balkans and worldwide, via end-to-end fit for growth transformation.

The company is currently activating in Bulgaria. It was selected from strategic point based on the country’s geolocation. It is easily approached from all the Balkan countries and is connected with the East side.

Today, we are building success on an accountable philosophy and proven leadership, with inspiring innovation, not only in Bulgaria but abroad too.

We are a Cool, innovative and responsible team shaping the new era in lodging as the outstanding hospitality investment and management company. We are your strategic partner in hotel excellence.

Laying the foundation and conducting extensive research, coupled with the unparalleled expertise and resources, we optimize your hotel, resort or property value.

We build sustainable lodging communities for the Cool breed of hoteliers.

Meet us and let us increase your standards and revenues.


By owning and operating either stale or haphazard and uncoordinated hotels and resorts, we shape the cutting edge of modern hospitality while building meaningful relationships, providing Cool services, fostering growth in our associates and creating long term value in our operations.


To create exemplary hotels.

To achieve superior investment returns.

To create Cool working environment for the personnel.

To set the higher standard of excellence to guests.

To arouse Cool memories to all guests.

To offer opportunities that last.

Our People

Mr. Takis Drettakis

CEO & Founder of Cool Management

Born and raised in Athens at the early age of 18, Mr. Drettakis started his career in Tourism & Businesses.

A travel agency internship was the trigger to get him in the hospitality industry after almost 2 years.

He studied Business Administration with eagerness and gained a scholarship in the UK. But somewhere in the middle of the summer of 1998, he became a team member of the “legend” of Hotel Complexes in Greece, Astir Palace Resort and of Arion as a Groom. This was the summer that activated Mr. Drettakis in his passion and love, in the Hotel-Hospitality Business.

This was the reason and the initiative to deny the scholarship and begin his studies in Hospitality and more specifically in International Hotel & Tourism Management.

The Millennium Hotels chain was the first hotel in the UK where started his internship and then moved in Southern France & in Monte Carlo on behalf of Le Metropole Palace to continue his second year of training while gathering invaluable experiences.

In 2003 and at the age of 25 he graduated in Switzerland.

This was the official trigger in his career. The historical Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens embracedMr. Drettakis and hired him as a Butler-VIP in a vacancy opened by the Americans and by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. He excelled in this position, knowing many renown names from Greece and from all over the world, culminating during the Olympic Games of 2004 where the hotel was hosting the Top De La Creme of the world.

After nearly two years, he gets a transcript to a better & higher position in one of the ornaments of Greece and of the Mediterranean; Grand Resort Lagonissi. One of the most awarded hotels by many organizations and by Conde Nast and a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. There, as a Villa Manager, he demonstrates inherited leadership skills and as a sales oriented professional makes remarkable revenue in the hotel’s history.

Understanding his skills, he decided to invest in a B.A. in Economics & Finance by studying at the University of Essex in Colchester, in the UK, where he thinks that he is expanding and closing his range of knowledge in Entrepreneurship Management with a focus in Tourism and Hotel Businesses covering extended knowledge in Economics at the same time.

Through an important acquaintance, he was suggested to take over the creation and opening of restaurants around the world, collaborating with members of a worldwide well-known family and at the position of Food & Beverage Director. Identifying that this offer was the key to success and to take his career up to the next level, coupled with numerous experiences and acquaintances to gainabroad, he accepted the offer and stayed in this position for about 6,5 years.

At the age of 35, having collected various experiences, traveled the world, and having enjoyed great financial success, he decides to return to his beloved sector; the Hospitality Industry.

There, he continues headlong with hard work and persistence to develop and evolve as this is his everlasting personal goal.

For the past 2,5 years, he has been the director of Premier Five Star Hotel located in the famous Bansko in Bulgaria, where he brought unique results to both the group and to a personal level.

The culmination of his career was when in 2015 was awarded as the Best Manager of the Year by the BHRA (Bulgarian Hotels & Restaurants Association) and in 2016 the Premier Luxury Mountain Resort Hotel 5 * was awarded for the first time in its history as the best Best Ski Hotel for 2016 in the whole country!

Our CEO said:

“Having almost 20 years of experience in hospitality, I decided to invest time, efforts, and ideas willing to shape a new & cultivated era in the industry. Imagining this, Cool was the very first word came into my mind. It describes our working model, our ideas and innovations as well as our common goal & motto:

Can Offer Opportunities Last

Meet our Cool team, let us transform your management and operations and increase your standards and revenues!”